About Us

We are a team of linguists dedicated to improving language teaching around the world. Our task is to simplify the language learning process as much as possible using the most modern technologies.

Our Mission

“A person dies the moment he stops learning”

There is nothing more difficult than learning a language and it not only develops but also helps to overcome many diseases.
Our team is invited to such an opinion when we met at the university where we studied to be teachers of German, Russian and English. To date, our colleagues have gone into science, received a doctorate or in language teaching. Over time, we realized that we had gained some experience in this industry and decided to create our own business where we could develop our ideas. Rosmova became such a business. This is a platform that is designed to unite methodologists, teachers and IT specialists who could create a new approach to language teaching. We would like to share this technology with you since our main task is to increase the level of education in the world.